About us
Flor de Monte is an independent design studio focused on branding, illustration, and design for social change. We love working together with brands that seek a unique approach to their audience, operating with mindfulness, empathy, and purpose.
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Manizales, COL
Barcelona, SPA
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Our philosophy
We understand that design can be a powerful agent of change.
We aim to join forces with organizations that emphasize diversity and inclusion, helping to eliminate bias and promote equality.
We foster a sense of collaboration among individuals, particularly women, by showcasing their achievements and contributions through inspiring visual narratives.
We see design as a valuable tool to bridge gaps in communities and promote empathy, understanding, and social cohesion.
We believe in sowing the seeds of a greener future, designing products and solutions that prioritize the well-being of our planet for generations to come.
We're a two-women team
Sara Jaramillo is a visual designer with a deep understanding that every design carries a story. Her love for design isn't just about forms and aesthetics, it's about making ideas tangible. About getting into the core of each concept to ensure that the final product not only looks visually appealing but also communicates effectively.
Juliana Soto is a designer and visual artist with a passion for telling stories, whether it's through captivating visuals for brands or charming illustrations that come to life. She loves to craft thoughtful personalities for brands with an eye for detail, colors, and typography that will make your projects stand out.
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